Game Developers Conference 2018

March 19–23, 2018

Join us for Amazon Developer Day at GDC

We are excited to be back at GDC2018 with a week full of new content. Join us for our annual Amazon Developer Day on March 19, 2018 as we discuss the future of mobile gaming and how Amazon is working with developers to build communities and connect players through competitive play. Let us know if you'll be going to GDC and you'll get free swag when you check in to the Amazon Developer Day on Monday, March 19th at Room 3014. This offer is only valid for Monday, March 19th.

Amazon Developer Days are part of the official Game Developers Conference and require a pass to attend, visit for more info.  Make sure to check out the full list of talks included in Amazon Developer Days on Monday and Tuesday, and stop by the Amazon booth in Moscone South, Wednesday March 21st through Friday March 23rd, to learn how our tools and services can help your game succeed.


Session Schedule

Monday, March 19

Keynote: Game On! Beyond Traditional Esports

Mobile gaming competition is increasingly becoming a global sport. Join Marja Koopmans, Director Mobile Esports at Amazon, to discuss the future of mobile gaming and how Amazon is working with developers to build community and connect players through competitive play. Hosted by Amazon Appstore.

Indie Panel: Building Communities Using Organized Mobile Competition

Organized competition brings people together. Join Amazon and mobile game developers to hear how they’ve been using competition in their games to create a compelling experience for players. Hosted by Amazon Appstore.

Hands on! Integrate Competitive Play Into Your Game with Amazon

Learn how Amazon has been helping developers realize the benefits of competitive mobile gaming. In this session, developer evangelist Peter Heinrich will walk through the steps developers need to take to implement competitive play into their games. Hosted by Amazon Appstore.

Making Twitch Interactive with Twitch Extensions

Join JT Gleason, Director of Integrations at Twitch, as he takes you on a journey through the design space opened up by Twitch Extensions. Learn about ways you can create a "lean in" experience for viewers of your game on Twitch and gain a deeper understanding of the technologies that will allow this new creative platform to propel your game to the forefront of the industry. Hosted by Twitch.

Panel: The Future of Mobile Esports

Mobile competitive gaming represents a new frontier, the next step toward enhancing engagement and retention among players on mobile-projected to be half of all game consumers by 2020. Join game industry leaders as they discuss current trends in mobile competitive gaming, and share their vision for the future as more developers combine content and competition. Hosted by Amazon Appstore.

Built for Twitch: Increase Your Game’s Reach and Retention with Twitch Integrations

Making your game great for streaming can increase sales and retention by blurring the boundaries between viewing and playing. Learn the best ways to boost acquisition, retention and monetization using Twitch engagement solutions. Hosted by Twitch.

See you at Amazon Developer Day
at GDC 2018!