GameMaker Studio 2 Resources

Learn the GameMaker basics from gamedevs like Nathan Ranney (@ratcasket) and Alejandro Hitti (@AleHitti).

Drawing Sprites

A sprite is basically just an image that is being shown on your screen. Learn more

Intro to Shaders 

Shaders are used to create beautiful graphical effects in games. Learn more.

Hitboxes and Hurtboxes

Hitboxes and hurtboxes are just specialized collision checks. Learn more. 

Juicing Your Movements

This will help you squeeze more life and feeling out of your game. Learn more.


Read about the camera system in GameMaker. Learn more.

Pause and Unpause

Pausing is the simple act of stopping objects in your game. Learn more. 

State Machines

A state machine is a data structure that keeps track of different states. Learn more.

Object Orchestration

This is the act of controlling objects from inside another object. Learn more.

Screen Shake

Beef up your impacts, explosions, sudden realizations, and more. Learn more. 


You can save a lot of time with a parent enemy object. Learn more


I will explain my process for debugging my games. Learn more

Advanced Debugging

Here are some more advanced debugging techniques. Learn more

Object Ownership

By assigning an owner to an object, we can manage object interactions. Learn more

Input Replay System

Learn how to integrate input replay systems and expand it. Learn more

25 Tips and Tricks

Alejandro shares his favorite tips, tricks, and upcoming features. Learn more