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  1. Getting Started Making Games. If you are new to making games, check out this guide for helpful advice on documenting your idea through publishing to app stores.
  2. Best Practices for Betas and User Acceptance Testing. Localytics Delight users at first launch and beyond. The guide details everything you need to know about the final stage of app testing.
  3. Best Practices for Push Notifications. Localytics says push notifications can boost app engagement by 88%. Learn how to use them effectively.
  4. Global Mobile Report by Newzoo. The mobile app and game market is evolving. Learn what countries still have the most growth potential.
  5. 8 Tips for Marketing Your App. Coding your app is the hard part, but not the last part. See how you optimize your marketing efforts.
  1. In-App Purchasing Best Practices from the Top 50 Devs. See what top developers do differently with in-app purchasing to maximize engagement and revenue.
  2. How to Build an Android Fire TV App. This six part series walks you though the ins and outs of developing apps for Amazon Fire TV.
  3. Your Unity Game on Amazon Appstore. Step by step instructions on how to integrate the Amazon IAP Unity plugin into your app or game.
  4. How to Get Started on Amazon Appstore. Detailed instructions on how to get started, from registering and monetization options, to publishing your app.
  5. Technical Documentation. Have a technical question? Access all the documentation to help answer your questions about Fire TV, Fire tablets and android apps.
  6. And much more...